Our mission is to support the creation of autonomous services, applications, and infrastructure to facilitate global access to the open web and decentralized finance on the Internet Computer.

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cycle_dao’s neuron is now live and ready to be followed at Neuron 5967494994762486275.

In voting, cycle_dao has one objective: To represent the interest of the Internet Computer community. To understand what these interests are, cycle_dao will be monitoring social media & forums, speaking directly with builders, and surveying segments of the community. NNS proposals are individual in nature but once accepted work in concert within the Internet Computer. As such, we will also be engaging with the DFINITY Foundation to understand the broader context and goals of proposals. Auditability must be a first principle of open governance. To provide this, a short report on each decision will be published on the cycle_dao blog. Set your neurons to follow the cycle_dao and together let’s decentralise the Internet Computer.


We are looking for additional contributors to the following projects:

  • Bridges to other platforms such as Ethereum
  • Developer tools
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • Scheduling
    • Transaction history browsers
    • Code verification tools
  • Analytics tools
  • Financial applications

get involved

If you are a builder or entrepreneur looking to collaborate, raise funds, or otherwise get involved with cycle_dao, please click below and fill out the form.

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